Todays adventures took us to Roseberry Topping, on the Cleveland Way in Redcar and Cleveland. It’s located at Great Ayton, the boyhood home of the great explorer, Captain Cook.

First of all, it seemed to take us ages to get to there! I’ve never seen Driffield and Malton so busy. With it being a beautiful weekend, everyone must have had the same idea. Driving through was an actual nightmare and with a dog that can be car sick, it wasn’t the greatest of rides. I ended up jumping in the back to sit with her.

We eventually reached Roseberry Topping thanks to Jack. It was so busy, we ended up parking on the roadside rather than where we normally park near the pub. This wasn’t a problem until you have a dog that pulls and can’t walk in a straight line..

We headed up the path to the Topping. The route was heaving! I have never seen so many people at the top and walking on the way. It was so lovely to see families out, friends together and all with their lovely dogs!

We decided to go a different way to avoid the crowds, so we took a right at the first gate and it took us up a steep hill to reach a lovely view facing the west of Roseberry Topping. There was a frame donated by the University of Huddersfield, National Trust and Grand Central which had Roseberry Topping in the centre.

Then walking round past the cottage and through the farm, seeing all the little newborn calves was lovely to see. Bella was eyeing up the cow having a drink from the trough, think she was jealous a little bit.

Roseberry Topping is such a beautiful place for all the family and for walkers of all ages. Everywhere you look is a new view of the Cleveland Way and it is so beautiful.

As we were coming down and coming towards the final gate, I asked Jack to put Bella on her lead and he said I had it. He’d left it on the top! So poor Jack had to carry Bella to the car. She was loving it, but she is a lump! Really, he should have ran back up to get it..😝

Roseberry Topping continues to be one of my favourite walks in the North East of England.

2 Replies to “Roseberry Topping”

  1. It looks a beautiful place for a walk Good luck with your blogs and I’m looking forward to your photographs. They look great.


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