Pinch, punch, it’s first of the month

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First of all, how quickly has April come around? This year is flying by, and it is scary. Adulting is coming too quickly. I wonder if I could do a Masters to be a student for another year?! Just kidding, I hate and can’t write assignments for the life of me.

Seen as I went back to university this morning, I thought ‘start as I mean to go on’. So, my alarm was set for 7:00am and I was going to get up and go for a run. Well, I snoozed it a few times and eventually got out of bed at 8:30am. Great start. Never the less, I put my running stuff on and set out for a nice, leisurely jog. Well, it turned into more of a half jog, half power walk. I was absolutely knick-knacked and looked like s***. I apologise to anyone who saw me attempting to run, I can imagine it not being a pretty sight. Kudos to marathon runners and anyone who can run any distance without stopping. I think I managed 1.5km without stopping, the rest of it was – run a bit, walk a bit (and breath) and repeat.

I’m not sure what’s happened to my eye. It looks like I’ve been stung, but really it is just my ‘this is too early face’

I ended up going for 4km and by this time, York had well and truly woken up and come alive. So many people were coming into York for either work or a day out, so the traffic was bad and was at a standstill. The city centre had started to grow in population and everyone was going about starting their day. The tourists had all flown in and it was a nightmare on Lendal Bridge, selfie stick after selfie stick. I didn’t even know they still were around.

The River Ouse
What a place to live!
York Minster Gardens

After I attempted to run, I strolled back to my flat. As I was doing this, an old lady (who was actually jogging) over took me. I thought sod this. So I put a little bit of a spring in my step which turned into a ‘light jog’. I was not having a 70 year old show me up. Even though she did because I did not last long with the ‘light jog’.

It was finally time to get back to go uni to go in for a couple of hours. Having not been there since January, it was a weird feeling being back. I miss my little class from placement, but love the freedom of not having to worry about planning, marking etc. Our seminar was information about our dissertation, the thing I have been dreading for months. I hate assignment writing, I just can’t do it! The sooner it’s all done, the better! I’ve got such a positive mindset, i know, slap my hand.. I do love my little uni though, I will miss being a student there and living in York.

York St John University

Hopefully, I’ll continue to go out for my little ‘jog’ and hopefully it will turn into a jog! Keep posted for updates!

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